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Cordless Phones

I had bought a new cordless phone on Saturday at Office Depot because it was a 5.8ghz model, and it was on sale. I used to have a two line cordless 900mhz phone, but it’s four years old, we have only one line now, and it just sucks. So I was thinking, hmm, 5.8ghz, won’t interfere with the 2.4ghz wireless network. Wrong. Stupid VTECH uses a hybrid 2.4/5.8ghz technology. In actuality, it still uses the 2.4ghz bands! How STUPID! I returned the phone promptly on Sunday because it sucked.

After that, I went to Best Buy to buy I, Robot. That’s such a good movie! CompUSA had I, Robot on sale for $14.99 on Sunday only and Best Buy didn’t. I didn’t want to drive the half-mile with heavy Sunday shopping traffic to go to CompUSA to pick it up, so I just went next door to the Best Buy instead. Not only does Best Buy pricematch, they give me 10% of the difference. Sure, I could have gone to CompUSA and possibly avoided a lengthy wait at the checkout, but I just wanted to screw Best Buy out of profits, so I bought it there and got the difference. So I actually got the DVD cheaper than CompUSA because of the 10% pricematch policy. I haven’t purchased so many DVD’s in one year, ever! Man on Fire, The Day After Tomorrow, The Matrix Reloaded, I, Robot, and a bunch more I can’t remember.

Today, I went on to Amazon and found a good DUAL 5.8ghz transmission phone. It just happened that all those are manufactured by Uniden. I bought it because of the good price. Albeit not as good as the Office Depot price, but at least I know this phone won’t be a piece of crap like that VTECH one. I’m NEVER going to buy another VTECH phone again! They lost me as a customer forever!

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