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SRAM QuickView Screw Replacement

I recently purchased a Garmin Edge 500 Cycling GPS and wanted an “out-front” mount.  Garmin’s own out-front mount mount was an incredible $40; for just a piece of plastic.  Good thing for free enterprise and other vendors.  SRAM makes one called the QuickView Computer Mount 31.8.  This is a much cheaper option at only $17 – shipped.  It works great, as you can watch in various YouTube videos.  The only problem with the SRAM piece of plastic is that it uses a Torx® T25 screw instead of a standard hex screw.  I was worried that out on the road, the mount would come loose from the tapered part of my handle bars and become useless.  Since it uses that T25 screw, I would have no way of tightening it out on the road as a T25 bit isn’t what I usually carry.  I actually have the Topeak Hexus II Multi-Tool and it doesn’t come with Torx® bits.  Reviews online universally pan this Torx® screw…  I wanted to replace this useless Torx® screw with something more conventional.  Fortunately for me, my local Ace Hardware had the exact part I needed!


Read on for more details!

In the aisle with their other nuts and bolts contained the perfect replacement.  It’s part #4399, a stainless steel M4 0.7P 12mm metric machine screw.  It uses a standard 3mm hex wrench!  For $1.04 + tax, I had a suitable replacement part that could be serviced in the field.  I don’t know why SRAM decided to go with such an odd screw instead of something more standard.  For the quantity they would purchase, it might have cost $0.01 more per unit; but would reap dividends in the future because of word of mouth advertising.  For you weight weenies, this new part might be a thousandths of a gram lighter too!  In the photos below, the original screw is the one with smooth sides, Torx® head, and slightly longer.





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