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The iPhone

The Apple iPhone was released today at 6:00pm after being hyped so much for the past few months.

Here’s a list of downfalls:

1. No 3G capabilities!
2. No MP3 ringtones.
3. No ability to copy and paste.
4. No flash video capability.
5. No video recording.
6. No picture messaging.
7. No video messaging.
8. No voice dialing.
9. End-user can’t change batteries/use spares.
10. Screen smudges too easily.
11. No physical keyboard. If you thought typing a message on a regular keypad was hard, try it on the iPhone…
12. Tied to AT&T for at least two years.
13. PRICE! You can get a PS3 instead.
14. The OS takes 700MB of memory compared to Windows Mobile’s 64 MB.
15. After 300-400 charges the iPhone will lose battery capacity, then you have to ship it to Apple for a replacement. Imagine being without a phone for a week.
16. No A2DP support. It doesn’t support *stereo* Bluetooth, which is dumb for being an iPod + phone.
17. No memory card support.

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