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The Microsoft XBOX 360

I got one.

Although I started to wait in line at 11 PM to get the core since they only had FOUR Premium packages the following night at Wal*Mart, it was fun. A bunch of us in line were all talkative and we took walks around. There was no need to watch for line cutters except until the very end because we all knew each other by the day time. So, at around midnight, there are all these cleaning people and landscapers that come and clean up the parking lot. There was this one guy that operated the mall street sweeper. He’d constantatly just go 40 miles per hour up and down the aisles, not even picking up a thing. After he got tired of that, he’d get out and start using his trusty leaf-blower to blow stuff back onto the street after the sweeper blew it all on the sidewalk. I’m surprised how that place even gets clean.

At around this same time, there was this strange lady that came around with coffee and a chair to try and get us to hold her place. It worked for the first three hours or so, but she said she’d be gone for only an hour so everybody in the line had a mutiny and we threw her chair to the end of the line so we could give two other people a real chance at getting one. That lady was gone for FIVE hours and when she came back at 6 AM, she expected her spot back. NO WAY. All of us were sitting in the cold and she was at home in a scarf and UGG boots.

As the opening of the store drew nearer, 7 AM, more people came around and we all took turns crushing the spirits of little kids trying to get an XBOX 360 at 6 AM (one hour before the store opening). At 6 AM, the Assistant Manager SAID that there were 10 Premium and 4 Core systems, but he doesn’t know how to speak proper English and those numbers were actually reversed. I was number 10 in line, and I at first thought I was going to get a Premium, but I only got the Core, which is still worth a bunch on eBay. He proceeded to give out vouchers and I got one. At the end of the line, though, drama was brewing. That crazy lady totally thought she was going to get one, even though the two college students, who were number 13 and 14 were totally sitting out in the cold all night to get one. Everybody in the line sided with the college students because they had actually done work, not brought black coffee in a milk jug, or black milk. We also noticed that the milk doesn’t expire until December 3.

When the store opened, the manager said it was in the Layaway section. I thought, okay, back of the store. Then as a bunch of us started getting in the store, the employees said it was in Electronics. I went there, and there was nothing. So I get out of the Electronics island and the same employee said they were in Layaway. He was so dumb, I hope he gets fired. So I get to the Layaway line and there are about a dozen people in front of me. Half of them didn’t have a Golden Ticket, and the other half did. When they *tried* to purchase one at the counter, they were only turned away because they didn’t have a ticket. They couldn’t even purchase games or accessories without the ticket today. So I finally get mine, and went to slide it off the counter. It almost dropped since the box weighs somewhere between 15 to 20 pounds.

At this time, it was approximately 7:15 AM, and I knew Best Buy doesn’t open until 9 AM, so I decided to take a trip to the line there and start flashing my XBOX 360 Core around. People were bewildered at how I already gotten one. I then go to school and come home to place my new XBOX 360 on eBay. It’s all packaged up and ready to go. I’d gladly sell it to the first person that offers me $1,000 right now. After all, I did wait in line all night, getting no sleep.

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