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My Night


The first thing I did tonight was go to Sylvester’s in Los Osos. I had the 1/2 lb. Desperado Burger with Sylvester’s sauce. That burger was awesome. It tastes way better than Firestone’s in San Luis Obispo.

The next thing was that my friends and I went to the Avila Pits to try and create an enormous bonfire with a gallon of gasoline, a dozen wooden pallets, and a handful of logs and tree stumps. When we got to the pits, there was practically nobody there and the steel rings that usually contain the fires were gone. There was a woman down there and she said that the ranger had come to tell them that they had to let their fire go down and leave because no fires were allowed when the rings weren’t out. So after discussing with the other driver for a few minutes, we decided to go out to Pismo Beach, more specifically, Oceano State Park. Oceano State Park is the only state park on the west coast that allows so much traffic. It was like the entire beach was a highway.

Before we got there, we had to dump all the pallets because they weren’t allowed in Oceano. We arrived, and unloaded all the logs. Gasoline was poured into one of the openings in the log and placed in a conviently dug out of the sand by somebody else. It was lit on fire, and another log was placed on it to get the fire going good. After a while, it got really boring, so Chris decided to jump through it after a few logs were piled on top of it. He jumped and hurt his back falling on it. Then gasoline was poured on it and there was a gigantic fireball. This was done twice and it looked spectacular.

We let the logs burn for a while while we went out to the dunes to do some off-roading. That was fun, way better than going to any amusement park. The truck I was in got some air off this jump, and it we went down some steep embankments. That was so fun. After about a half-hour of that, we went back to the fire and just sat around. I took some pictures of the fire and traffic. Then we just headed back to San Luis Obispo. I am so tired.

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  1. Ivy says

    I am tempted to make Beavis and Butthead references…. what the heck, why not? 😛 "Heh heh, fire, fire, heh heh.

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