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Flip-Flops, iPods, and Cells

It seems like that everybody on campus either has flip-flops on, is listening to an iPod with its trendy white headphones, or are talking to somebody else on a cell phone. What ever happened to walking around without any of that stuff?

People should only be able to wear flip-flops if their feet are NOT butt ugly. I’ve seen some real gross feet on some of the guys and gals here. Wear regular shoes and cover that crap up!

So I guess listening to an iPod is trendy. Or maybe they just want to block out everybody around them… How much can you really listen to on the walk to class? An average song is about four-minutes. The walk to class, for me, takes less than ten minutes. I suppose you can listen to it in the library or something, but why go into the library, where it’s quiet, to listen to music? You can do that anywhere else.

And last, about you people talking on cell phones. Are you really talking to somebody else for TEN minutes? Jeez. Get off the phone and talk with the friends you see passing you on the campus.

So, cover up your feet, turn down your iPods, and hang up your cell phones.

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  1. Aaron says

    Hey now! I talk on my cell between classes all the time! Of course, to get across the A&M campus can take up to 20 minutes so there is definitely time for a good discussion. ^_^

  2. Jacquelyn says

    You know I've seen these habits on campus too.
    You are right about the flip-flops, if you toes are hairy or your feet resemble Fred Flintsone (mine do sadly), you need to cover those bad boys up.

    Ipods, eh I have one ..ok I have two. First one was a shuffle which I like because I could listen to music and save files. The other is a pink ipod mini that I got for free with my powerbook. I listen to in the card or if Im going to walking or waiting for a while. Other than that it takes too much time to get it out of my bag.
    I hate the white headphones and only wear them if I have too. I have these great pro head phones but they are huge so I use that one for riding in the car, or on a plane.

    Cell phones, If Im walking to another class I will talk on it if I need to make a quick call. Like just checking in with a relative or checking an account. I rarely will call a friend in that short period of time unless I need a short answer to question because everyone I know talks alot.
    Of course my phone is palm so sometimes Im checking my email while walking, or..well looking at so-there.

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