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I woke up this morning at like 7am, after a long time of not eating/drinking anything. Then I got to the office, and they asked me a bunch of questions, took my blood pressure, and I sat in the chair. They put in an IV, and the NOS mask over my nose. Before I know it, I was out. I didn’t even have to count backward or anything. The next minute, I’m awake, dazed, hurting and gauze is in my mouth. I think the whole thing took only like an hour. Then I’m home…

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  1. Andorra/Kendra says

    Hey!!!! When I had 4 teeth pulled they didn't put me to sleep. Nope, instead I got a bunch of needles poked into my gums that hurt like a mothertrucker and I had to sit there while they pulled out the teeth. Had to listen to the roots being ripped out of my gums…and you said you wish you were me. HA!

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