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According to a new Google Goggles blog post, it now plays Sudoku, ie, it can solve Sudoku puzzles.  Hit the jump for the full release and video!

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Finally, Google has decided to sell their own smartphone.  It’s called the Nexus One, if you haven’t heard, but today, the specs were finally leaked.  The biggest surprise… that it might be invite-only for a while!

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So I’ve decided that Google has left Blogger out in the cold in regards to the FTP version of Blogger that works.  More after the jump!

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Check it out here!


In this 60 Minutes episode recorded in January 2005, Google hints at their Google Phone already!

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Rumors have been abound lately about Google’s new software platform and the hardware that goes along with it.

BusinessWeek has an interesting take that says it won’t be available until November, well after October 1st, the nationwide roll-out of T-Mobile’s 3G network. The New York Times states that the phone could be out as early as October, while TmoNews says that they phone will be able for pre-order for $149.99 (2-year service agreement required) on September 17th, an exact date, with the phone arriving to stores and houses on October 13th.

Hopefully T-Mobile will have competitive data rate plans to blow the iPhone plans out of the water. Along with previous promotions (unlimited texting), T-mobile should have promotional pricing in affect during a short period which would include discounts that can be grandfathered!

Only time will tell, but I’m totally getting one.

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