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An Accident

I was at the local Radio Shack today and when I came out, I saw all these people looking at something. I run around the Exchange Bank on Stony Point Road and see somebody lying in the street and a crowd around them. It was a kid on an electric scooter who was hit by a black Toyota Tacoma. He wasn’t hit by the full brunt of the truck, but he only got skimmed by it since the driver swerved out of the way. The kid should not have been crossing there (there was no crosswalk there) without a helmet while riding that scooter. He probably drove into the street without looking. I presume somebody already called 911. I ran to my car and grabbed my flares and ran back. I lit the pair and set them in a taper pattern on the road to direct the traffic out of that lane and away from the accident. A few minutes later, the rescue people showed up, and a minute after that, the ambulance. Now I need to get another pair of flares…

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