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School and Parking

What is the city thinking? Spending $22 million on a 5 story brick parking lot that will net ONLY about 600 spaces, for a total of 1081 spaces! That’s the dumbest idea I’ve ever heard. It even includes a 97-foot tall clock tower that can be seen around the entire campus. The school would have to sell millions of parking passes to cover the budgetary over-runs associated with this project. Each parking space would cost approximately $20,000. Sales of 300+ parking passes per spot would have to occur.

This parking lot will do nothing for the traffic on the surface streets either. In fact, it’ll make traffic worse as there are more spaces for more cars to fill.

The clock tower is another stupid thing. Don’t put a stupid clock tower on it. It’s the 21’st century, everybody either has a watch, cell phone, a friend with a watch or cell phone, and if all else fails, they can duck into a hallway to look at a clock. If they spent $1 million on buying watches, and if each watch cost $20, they can buy 50,000 watches. That’s more than enough for every student to have 1.5 watches. If the clock tower costs $10 million 500,000 watches. That’s enough watches for the next 16 classes that graduate or transfer at the school. What ever happened to the good-ole fashioned underground parking lot?

The city is stupid.

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