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San Francisco

I went there today, for shopping purposes. I was looking for a suit. First, I checked Bloomingdales (five or six stories). Floor basement was housewares like kitchen appliances. Floor 1 was cosmetics and stuff like that. Floor 2 and 3 had Womens clothing and finally the 4th floor was Mens.

Way too expensive, of course and it was way bigger than the one at Westfield Century City. The cheapest one was $929 + tax! Holy crap! I went to the section and the sales person was helping me right away looking for a suit. There were three brands available, Hugo BOSS, Burberry, and some other brand that started with a C and sounded Italian. All of the jackets had this crazy security system on them. There was a plastic coated steel wire that went through the sleeve and down the bottom with a “3 Alarm” audible alarm on it!

I Went to Nordstrom’s next (six or seven stories). Same thing, but it wasn’t that expensive. Still didn’t purchase anything today. Everything at that Westfield shopping center was huge. Across the street, there was an Old Navy, five-stories!

I think I’ve found what I want at The Men’s Warehouse. Two-button, center-vented, black suit. Just a standard looking thing, yet it is so expensive.

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