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Yosemite – Day 2

The day started out uneventful, until we got to right before the bridge that was taken out by a massive rockslide. There was this one RV that does NOT know how to use a turnout. There were probably a dozen cars behind him on a two lane road, mind you. A SUNTREK van passed the four cars behind the RV, and I started to pass people, one by one. We get to the bridge, and everybody’s caught up with everybody else. Everybody crosses the bridge, and we start to make our way to El Portal. We passed about 6 turnouts, and this RV would not use them! Finally, we get to El Portal (where they have gas for $3.97 and up), with the entire caravan going less than 40 miles per hour. He FINALLY pulls over, and when I pass him, I lay on the horn, so do a few other people behind us.

Get to the park at about 9:30AM and then realize that the shuttles are only running every 30-minutes this early in the day. We walk to the Yosemite Lodge from the Day Use Parking Lot, which takes 25 minutes, board the open-air tram for the Valley Floor Tour, and we were on our way.

The Valley Floor Tour is actually pretty good for the two hours and $22 per adult. The tour guide spoke about her experiences about bears, and how one bear broke into her house, ate all the food in her trash cans, and two gallons of gasoline.

After the tour, it was lunch time, and after that, it was time for the Glacier Point bus tour. The drive up there took a bit more than an hour. When we got there, the views were spectacular! After an hour of coming down the mountain, the tourists saw some deer on the side of the road, and it was time to go home.

Nothing much happened on the way back to the hotel. By the way, they have free wireless internet here at the Best Western in Mariposa.

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