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Watch Battery Replacement

How hard is it to replace a watch battery? Well, apparently for the Finlay Enterprises (the company Gottchalk’s outsources their jewerly department to) is impossible. I took my watch to get a *battery* replaced, because I don’t have the tools here, and the stupid lady BROKE the watch. It practically exploded inside the case. The battery replacement itself went okay, but when she tried to put the back case back on, she didn’t have a plastic piece aligned (which shouldn’t have come off in the first place because it wasn’t anywhere near the battery) when she pressed the back down with this pressing tool and the whole face of the watch buckled. That caused all the hands to fly off. Now all the parts are just inside the watch, between the face and the crystal. Gee, thanks for breaking my good watch. The good thing is, I only paid $20 for the watch, but I’m getting $50 back in store credit to get a better watch. I hope they fire Nancy, the person who was working on it, or at least demote her or something.

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