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Visit to San Luis Obispo

Left Santa Rosa at approximately 7PM, because Brian was being late, as usual. Then I went to pick Matt up, after Brian, and that was quick. Driving down there was going to take a good five hours. On the way, there were tons of people getting pulled over by the CHP and tons of break-downs. I had to pass this slow RSX rice rocket on the right and when I did, going 90, I put on my hazards. I was following him closely for the past 1/4 mile and he didn’t move over to the right, even when it was totally clear. Got to Chris’s house at approximately 11:40PM. I remembered that because one of Chris’s roommates and his girlfriend were on the couch watching some sort of extreme makeover show on The Learning Channel. The alcohol came out from somewhere inside of Chris’s room and I had a double shot of tequila. First, I sipped on it because Chris had filled the shot glass very full. Then I just downed it. The worst part was the feeling right after, then breathing out. I felt the effects of it within 10 minutes. I was tired and sat on the couch with everybody and watched various TV shows like Jimmy Kimmel and Conan O’Brian. I took a shower, then tried to go to bed on the hard floor. I couldn’t really fall asleep until the tequila wore off because all the blood was in my head.

The sleeping wasn’t that great, as people kept coming in and leaving the dorms. At one point, some idiot went to the bathroom to clean or something and left the door wide open, spilling light all over the place. At 4:30AM, one of Chris’s roommates’s brother came in and started stepping on people. He stepped on my leg, on Matt’s arm, and on Brian’s thumb. He was such a jerk. He woke us up, then just stood around for the longest time, doing nothing. Then he grabbed Brian’s sleeping bag and said “wake up.” Brian then retorted with “I am awake!” The idiot then said “get out of my sleeping bag”. Then Brian responded with I’m not in your sleeping bag, go away. Then he finally left. Right after he left, the stupid birds started chirping, and wouldn’t stop… Finally woke up at about 8AM. Washed up and changed to get ready to drop Matt off at his new job interview. On the way down there, some Honda CRV almost broadsided us. I had the green light, it was a clear red for him and he just went through it. We got to the place 20 minutes early so we just sat in the car looking at the metermaid for 15 minutes. He went to the store five minutes before the interview. Then Brian and I just drove around the city for a good 45 minutes, until Matt called us to tell us to pick him up. Went to Firestone Grill, which is very good, for lunch and had a burger. They have the best fries. After lunch, we drove by Avila Beach, which isn’t that far away, only like five minutes. There was a BeerFest on the interior cove area. Many people were there. Right after that, we drove to the Taco Roco by the Cingular to follow the realtor to look at the house. The house is nice, but needs to be cleaned up and fixed up by the seller. After that, we drove around the neighborhood looking at the other houses and found this one house with a basketball court, tennis court, pool, trampoline, and tons more stuff. It was a house out of MTV’s Cribs. There were a bunch of million-plus dollar houses. Right after that, we got on 101 North and started driving home. We decided to get gas at the Arco, about 16 miles north of San Luis Obispo, right next to the closest In-N-Out. Got on the freeway and began driving back at approximately 2PM. It was very hot and whindy. The air conditioning was on most of the time. On the way back, there weren’t as many cops, because it wasn’t a busy travel day compared to Friday and Monday. There were tons of produce trucks that had to be passed on the highway near Salinas. Took 101 through San Francisco because the junction to 880 was so well hidden as a regular exit. The rest of the way, in the car, we played a music guessing game with the songs on Brian’s iPod. Got to Matt’s house at exactly 7PM. I was so tired. I went to bed at 10:45PM or so and woke up at 10:30AM. That was the longest sleep I’ve had in a long time.

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