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UPS Sucks, again!

I’ve ordered a file cabinet from Office Depot. THREE of the stores within ten-miles of me have this item on DELIVERY ONLY. Their contractor for file cabinet delivery is UPS. TWICE, I’ve gotten damaged goods. Somebody is losing their profits and it’s not me. Until UPS can get this straightened out, they’re the ones losing money. I hate them so much. Stop dropping my stuff of the back of the truck in hopes of getting it. I spoke to OD CS, and she said that in her training, they got tons of complaints of file cabinets getting damaged. On Tuesday, I’m getting *another* one. If it’s damaged, I’m just going to cancel the entire order. Sucks to be them. If it’s damaged, again, not only will UPS lose the money for three file cabinets, nobody gets paid because I’m getting a refund.

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