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CSM to Sporting Goods

I went to Walmart tonight to get supplies and to get a key cut. Well, the key cutting machine is in sporting goods and nobody was operating the post. Another woman was there waiting to get rung up or something and she waited a few minutes, started pressing keys on the cash register and stormed away screaming explicatives. More minutes passed by and finally some short Mexican guy shows up wearing a brown vest. The brown vest means he works in sporting goods. Well, I tell him I need a key cut and the shift manager comes around. Then he starts bitching about his hours and how he’s going to get five hours of sleep or something. He starts cutting the key, and it goes all fine. Then he hands me the key and it’s a coloured key. It has this cheap plastic housing around the handle part. AFTER it’s cut, then he tells me that they’re out of the regular ones and that they’re supposed to cut the coloured ones. Well, I’m mad because I’ve already had to wait so long and then he was going to charge me for a colored one which costs more than a regular one. He could have ASKED me if I wanted a colored key cut. If he asked, I would have probably said yes, but he didn’t ask me and he cut a coloured key. Then if he was going to do something that stupid, he could have at least asked me WHAT colour I wanted. At the register, I made him ring me up for a regular key since he was such a dumbass. The key doesn’t fit so now I’m going to grind just a bit of it off, since it’s 1.255mm too long or just get another key cut somewhere else.

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