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Today, I went to TAP Plastics to get some resin material for the stupid Materials class at school. That stuff smells so much. Tomorrow, we hope to be able to polish and etch the solid resin cast and look at the structure of the solder under a microscope.

Right now, I’m listening to Jay-Z and Linkin Park’s new album, Collision Course. The songs on it are very good. I like the collaboration very much. The songs are mixed up with the lyics well.

I still want to experiment with my peltier. It’s sitting right in front of me. I just need a power supply that can handle 15A with 15V. Maybe I should get the smaller peltier on ebay because this one is just too powerful for me. Even though it’s only about 2″ x 2″, it broke a power supply. The high pressure smoke escaped from the power supply, thus rendering it useless. I have another power supply, but it’s only rated for 3A. I used it, but the peltier wasn’t getting very hot or cold. I want to make some ice on it or something.

I sent back my research materials on Monday back to Research International. They must have spent a fortune on all the 2lb packages since they were all shipped with FedEx 2-day air! Soon I’ll get my cash incentive.

In other news, I finally bought a new video card today at CompUSA for ONLY $250 + taxes. The card is an ATI All-In-Wonder 9600XT with 128mb of ram with DirectX 9.0 capabilities. I know this card will go on sale on Black Friday, so I’ll price match it later instead of waking up at 4am to try and get the card. The last time I tried to get a video card, I woke up early, and rushed in and didn’t end up getting one. Forunately, that sale at Best Buy was on two days, and on the next day, Saturday, they got more in stock. The CompUSA sale this year is also two days, but I don’t want to take any chances. I want to see Half-Life 2 in its full graphics.

There, I blogged…

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