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I hate Comcast. I espicially hate “Comcast Local Edition”. It hijacks the last five minutes of each half hour on CNN to talk about mindless drivel.

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  1. Timmay says

    Amen to that brother! I just saw this comment after googling for "comcast local edition sucks." Jack Hansen (could his name BE any whiter???) asks dumb questions and just wastes time! I've even seen him ask questions that literally annoy/bewilder the guests, and he obviously is pretty friggin clueless. I change the channel every time he shows up.

  2. Art says

    OH DEAR LORD – you are both SO right!

    What's worse, is that they play the SAME EXACT EPISODES over and over and over and over and over again! AT THE SAME HOUR EVERY DAY!

    Does anyone know the email address to write them to complain?

  3. fryednekbone says

    All I can say is that you are all right. I'm a tech for comcast for over 2.5 years, and I thought it would be a great place to work. Even though some of the job requirements kinda sucked, you get used to it and get over it pretty quickly. now for the past 6+ months, maybe longer, the shit has hit the fan. we are constantly getting overbooked with service (trouble) calls so that relates into not having enough time to spend at one call to properly troubleshoot and fix it. we are running rampid on the road from one job to another to another with very little (really no) slack between calls, breaks, lunch (or dinner). i would rather spend the time (if allotted any at all) at a service call to properly diagnose the problem and fix it then to run around the house trying to get lucky and find the issue, tell the customer they should be ok, and hope they don't call back in any time soon. most techs don't even have A/C in their vans. now i live and work in south jersey, it's not Death Valley, but fuck, the summer is the summer. from driving in a hot-ass van to running cable in a hot-ass attic really sucks. all we get from Cumfast is 1-2 bottles of gatorade or water and a pat on the back and the good-ol-fashion saying "Take it easy out there guys" from our supervisors while they sit in the air typing on the computers and taking cigarette breaks every other hour. and with all this B/S, i haven't even started with customer service and dispatch. those bitches are stupid. it may just be my office that's this fucked up. i'm tired of typing. if i kept going, there'd be a novel of how screwed up my Cumfast office is. GO DISH, I'm Outie! Peace

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