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Spidey Sense

I just relized that Burger King might not have to give away their grand prize, $1,000,000.00 for their Spiderman 2 promotion game.


When you get a game piece, there are two scrach-off spots.  You can only scratch ONE off.  Not only do you have to get the “winning” game piece (Odds: 1:279,037,298), you also have to identify which spot to scratch off.  If both spots are scratched off, the game piece becomes void.  So if you happen to get the one “winning” game piece and scratch off the other spot, you lose.  You’ll probably scratch off the other spot to see what you would have won only to find out that it was the grand prize.  This way, since you already lost by voiding the game piece, they won’t have to give out the grand prize. 


They don’t even have a second-try drawing in case they didn’t give away the grand prize, or any of the prizes!

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  1. Andorra/Kendra says

    Evil, evil plot! I hate it when people go out of there way to make up stupid things like that.

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